The Lebanon Civil War: Syria’s Role in Lebanon

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Nikola Uzelac

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The Lebanon Civil War: Syria’s Role in Lebanon

Brief introduction: 

Lebanon is situated in the middle of the gulf, at the East of Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon’s territory is let say very exceptional, looking at all the mountains that are falling in the sea, valleys around the river Beca, and Mediterranean coast. Beirut is a capital and one of the main harbors and trade metropolis in the whole Middle East. For the neighboring Arabian countries, Beirut is also the main gate to the world. As result of the very ritch history Beirut had very rear architecture, with the mingled orient and west influences. Exactly in the civil war I am going to write in the following pages, the most of these beautiful buildings were totally destroyed, as well as overall life in the country.


As the conflicts are concerned, the main issue acctually is the cause of the conflicts. As a starting point, it seems that Beirut was very attractive city for a long time ago, equally for the neighboring Arabic countries as well as for the rest of the world. Beirut was attractive as the place where in the first place, have passed by the thousand and hundred tones of various sorts of goods. Something that is also very attractive, is the oil pipelines .. Close to Beirut and other cities in Lebanon were very great and important oil pipelines.

Acctualy, Lebanon’s completely geopolitical situation as a crossroad between Middle East and Mediterranean is attractive.This country had a great trade and economy role in this part of the world. Consequently attention had been attracted from the bigger Arabic neighboring countries, as well as other power countries that were presented in that region  in that time. And Lebanon became permanently watching place for foreign interests. That position and situation imposed various conflicts inside the country and finally resulted with terrible civil war and bloodshed between  minor and obviously and seriously divided people.   


A cause would be probably Lebabanon’s very minor and weak worker’s organizations, reduced because of increasing and emigration of Lebanon’s people in Arabic and other and states. Closure of factories and enterprises also, resulted with  terrible civil war  that was happened in the year 1975.  In that war the most of  magnificent achievements that were made during the years before were destroyed.                      

Going out of that fratricide war with all political, social, religious and ethnic oppositions inside of the country, Lebanon  become again an attractive place, but now for hundred thousand Palestinian refugees along with their armed forces. Palestinian’s in that time were very pushed to find urgently their temporarily sheltering and they found it there, avoiding all torture against them, that happened to them from  the Israel and Jordan side.

And one of  the reasons why Lebanon in that period probably couldn’t develop faster in all aspects of its overall life and avoid all dengered situations that were happened,  was the Palestinian’s settlings there. Tragically events that were followed later, with brutal Israeli attack on the country, were outcomes of overall situation in the countr. And very weaken economy conditions followed for sure.

Whole tragedy was hard and terrible. So much the worse, there was serious fears of possible uprooting of the both nations, Lebanon’s as well as Palestinian’s.

And, more than ever, in that time all cynicism of the world was appeared in the surface. And humanity as the world’s main task was failed. The both nations Palestinian and Lebanon were faced with the futility of waiting for any kind of support from the “human” world.

In that time as it seemed that history has been decided the entire anger of the world spill over these unprotected and broken Lebanese and the Palestinian people. Protection of human rights of minor nations, their right to enjoy their own freedom in the framework of their own states,  was seriously in question.

Something which was also so important it was that the most Arabian neighboring regimes in the Middle East were not very concerned about the Palestinian’s and Lebanon’s problems and people and their independence and freedom.  It seemed that they were not so much satisfied with the fact that these nations wished be thoroughly free, free in first place from the foreign interests. They wished to have countries, which will exist on the world map.

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Lebanon is really very small but in the some word very “big” country. Big in its own magnificent past history and in the tragedy that has been faced with, together with the Palestinian people. And what is worse, Lebanon, even after gaining independence, become again an region on the various political and military conflicts between neighboring Arabic countries and between nation inside of the country. Foreign countries supported all that as well as all the situation has been supported by the traditional intolerance between Christians and Muslim communities, and other religious branches.

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