The war in Afghanistan began on October 7th 2001. The primary reason for the invasion of Afghanistan resulted from the September 11 attack on the United States.

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5) The War in Afghanistan


All countries around the world should contribute their armed forces through peace keeping mission of the United Nations (UN) or other mechanisms, and support the Afghan people in removing the terrorist elements from their country.  The UN is a well-respected organization that could make a positive change in bringing peace to Afghanistan and to help develop the infrastructure of the country for the betterment of its people. I believe that the UN has not been engaged in Afghanistan because their resources are limited and that they are focusing on humanitarian issues with countries such as Lebanon, Somalia, and Sudan.  There is a strong role for the UN to get involved in Afghanistan in order to assist in activities such as the development of social and economical infrastructure and laws.

The war in Afghanistan began on October 7th 2001. The primary reason for the invasion of Afghanistan resulted from the September 11 attack on the United States.  The objective of this war was to dismantle the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, and push them out of Afghanistan’s territory.  The armed forces of many countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada have participated in this mission. Their key aim is to remove any terrorist elements that could jeopardize the global well-being of people.  Canada has played an important role in the Afghan war since 2001, and up until the summer of 2011 Canada was the main troop in the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda.  Canada has lost 158 soldiers during the Afghan war, and those who have been lost will never be forgotten for their contribution to the world and their beliefs on freedom.  Many other countries have also lost people, for example the United States has lost more than 1,475, Britain has lost 395 soldiers, Australia has lost 35 soldiers, and the list goes on. Also, there have been thousands of other soldiers who have been wounded with serious injuries, and the war is still on so the numbers of fatalities will only increase.  This list does not include the many Afghan civilians who were wounded or died.  It should be noted that America and Afghanistan are close to signing a strategic pact which would allow thousands of United States troops to remain in the country until at least 2024.

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The war in Afghanistan is one of the first major conflicts that have happened in the 21st Century. This war in the response to the September 11th attacks on the United States Twin Towers buildings, in which nearly 3000 civilians lost their lives due to al-Qaeda’s actions, and also the assassination of anti-Taliban leader  on September 9, 2001.  Consequently, Afghanistan war started as a means to protect the civilians and to remove al-Qaeda from its power. Nations around the world including the NATO members felt that it was a worthwhile job to remove al-Qaeda, who was known to be behind the terror attacks. ...

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