Explain how the Bible shows God as Creator

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Explain how the Bible shows God as Creator.

In the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis, the story of Creation is told. Genesis 1 tells us how God has created the universe in seven days. God started the Creation by creating light on the first day. Humans were created on the sixth day and God rested on the seventh day.

In Genesis, God is depicted as an all-powerful (omnipotent) creator. He is more powerful than any human creator because he created everything out of nothing (creatio ex nihilo). This idea is demonstrated in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created heavens and earth.” God had also created time and space itself in the Creation- that was the beginning of the Universe. There was simply nothing before that. God is that only eternal being/ matter; therefore God is unique. However, some parts of the Bible seem to suggest that God did not create everything out of nothing, but shaped pre-existing, unformed matter as a craftsman, as written in Genesis 1:2 “God’s spirit hovers over the formless void and the chaos of the waters and controls it.” However, other Christians, such as theologian Irenaeus of Lyons, argued against the view. Irenaeus famously said that, “There was no pre-existent matter; everything required to be created out of nothing.” God’s omnipotence is also demonstrated through the fact that God created everything simply by commanding. He spoke the world into existence, as written in Job 38:12 “Have you commanded the morning since your days began, and caused the dawn to know its place?” God created humans with equal effortlessness, even though humans are arguably God’s more sophisticated creation as it involves the creation of a soul and God intends to create humans who reflect his nature in some ways. In Genesis 2:7, we can see how easy it is for God to create man, “God formed man from the dust, and breathed life into him.” The Creation ends with the creation of humans. Throughout the Creation, there was no opposing power threatening God’s omnipotence. God is clearly the most powerful entity.

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God, as the omnipotent Creator, has power over everything that he created and is not bound by the laws of nature that governs the Universe, as written in Jeremiah 32:27, “Behold, I am the Lord, God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?” Even seemingly impossible tasks are not impossible with God. In the Bible, God can control the weather and even holds back the sun. “And the sun stood still, and the moon stopped.” (Joshua 10:13) This is because God does not depend on his Creation to exist, but his Creation depends on him to exist. ...

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