How strong are Aristotles ideas about God?

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How strong are Aristotles ideas about God? Homework (short essay)

I believe that Aristotles ideas about God are fairly strong for a number of reasons. The first being Aristotle addresses the unmoved mover which shows that there must be someone to have started the chain of causes, which must be God.

Furthermore, though the Telogy of nature we understand that material objects serve a purpose, for example a chair is designed for us to sit on or the heart is used to circulate blood around the body; therefore Aristotle comes to a conclusion that there is a reason for everything which then has the domino effect to ask 'why?' until we hit a wall take for example a young child contionually asking questions with 'why?' because they demand an answer until we are stuck and reply with 'because it just is' this could link to the idea that God is the one who started the domino effect.

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Another point to consider is through Aristotles theory of the unmoved mover as first cause, he argues that God is either self-causing or uncaused; 'nothing can come from nothing'; this states that there must of been someone, a God to have started the chain reaction, because everything is subjective to change but change would not occur without a cause.

On the other hand, some people may have disputes with Aristotles work because:  'Are there any objections?' One problem with The Unmoved Mover as first cause is that there would be an infinite regress which would then mean there is no ...

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