Natural law is the most reliable approach when making judgements about sex and relationships. Discuss.

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“Natural law is the most reliable approach when making judgements about sex and relationships.” Discuss. (35 marks)

When either evaluating or disusing this statement we must first consider the main teachings of natural law. For instance; natural law focuses very much on the purpose the potential and the actuality of things and events. It also talks of and attributes these three things to human beings in particular natural looks at the purpose of human beings. Natural contains two types of precepts, one being primary precepts, these are in natural law precepts in which are always true and they are the fundamental principles of natural law and there are five primary precepts including; the preservation of life, reproduction, education of the young, living peacefully in society and worship god. The second type of precepts are the secondary precepts these are worked out from the primary precepts and are hence dependent of our own judgements and therefore clearly differ from the primary precepts. Natural law is an absolute law, in which is true on all situations and times. Natural law is a deontological, in other words a ethical system in which considers that the moral act itself has moral value, for instance telling the truth is always right even when it might cause pain or harm. Although Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) is given the name as the founder of natural law, natural law owes lots of its existence to Aristotle (384-BCE). As for it was Aristotle who originally had the idea that people like every other natural objects have specific nature purpose and function and then later Aquinas linked these ideas with that of the teachings of the Catholic church. Even still to this day natural law is a basic for Roman Catholic teachings and beliefs.

When dealing with the idea of judgements relating to sex and relationships there is many points which need to be given consideration.  For instance sexual morality, so here we shall consider how we should all show concern to good and bad in relation to sexual relations. For instance we must consider the following; sex as procreative, sex within marriage and premarital sex, homosexuality and contraception. All of which are ideas and elements in which have to be taken account for, especially when making judgements about sex and relationships.

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Sex as procreation, is something in which is a very historical view of sex. Sex as procreation is the exact feeling in which natural law has towards sex and relationships as; the purpose of sex according to natural law is to procreate.

 Natural law believes very strongly also in the idea of sex before marriage, as natural law states that in order for a couple to have sex with one another they must first be married this is also what is believed in the terms of the catholic church. As we can see here again how natural law is ...

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