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A sustainability area grant proposal for Greenwood, Australia.

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Grant proposal template 1. PROJECT ABSTRACT North Sydney is a large environment with an extremely small amount of flora. The remaining Fauna in North Sydney is struggling largely with little to no environment left. Soon the fauna in North Sydney will diminish and the surrounding area will struggle extremely as they help the environment so much. That’s why greenwood is the perfect area to transform into an environment for humans, flora and fauna. Greenwood is located just near the North Sydney Train Station and is an almost empty area that has a few seats and is just a place for workers to sit during their lunch break. Instead of a grey and upsetting place to look at Greenwood could become a sustainable and architectural area that helps the Flora and Fauna and would help the workers in North Sydney Get a break from their office and improve their mental health by being next to nature. This idea could not only help the environment and local fauna but be planting endangered species of flora to help more the regeneration process of the flora. ...read more.


Goal 2: The area will be extremely sustainable having a rainwater tank watering system and any surrounding items being recycled/recyclable for the environment. Goal 3:The area will become a beginning to North Sydney’s sustainability and inspire those who live in the area. This area socially benefits the community as it becomes an area to have a break from the busy work environment and aspires those around it to become more sustainable. A negative impact that must be avoided is the plants being destroyed by people around or die from local debris. To prevent this the plants will have a small fence made from a clear acrylic material with text warning people about the plant what it is and why it should be protected. This initiative will be to tell people by radio and inform them about the sustainability of this initiative and why we need their funds raised for it. PROGRAM METHOD Our method of regeneration is using the big landscape located outside of greenwood plaza left without infrastructure, with wasted potential of the environment used to help grow Australia’s endangered plants and encourage visitors or locals to do the same by seeing the impact and beauty. ...read more.


EVALUATION Overall, this initiative improves environmental health, awareness and well-being for the people in the north Sydney community as it brings awareness and helps endangered species in Australia, helps bring the community together by collaborating with it in the openness that everyone can view and contribute to the species by planting their own seeds in the space, and overall well-being in that North Sydney could become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place through this initiative. The outcome of this initiative relates to the three pillars of sustainability, the environmental through the positive impact it will achieve to the North Sydney environment, the social though the connections, collaboration and bringing in of the community when all collaborating to help their environment, and the economic through the discussion and planning of the government to financially support the funding of this initiative and for those involved fairly. Measuring the overall success of all of this would be determined by the number of endangered species in Australia decreasing and amount of plants grown in this garden, also by an improvement visibly noticed by North Sydney’s flora increasing and environmental health. ________________ ...read more.

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