Mendel: Extra Biology Credit

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Dear Dad,         I’ve been in the Monastary discoving the basic of genetics. I’ve been experimenting with my garden peas for the past couple of years. The organisms that are used as the original mating in an experiment (tall and short plant) are called the parental generation in abbreviation is the P generation which stands for parent. When I mated the two offsprings in the p generation, the offsprings
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are in the F1 generation. When I breed the F1 generation I ended up with the F2 generation.  For the F1 generation I selected a six foot pea plant and a short pea plant and crossed them. In the F1 generation I noticed that all the offspring were tall and didin’t even show short. In the F2 generation I  crossed 2 tall pea plants and noticed that ¾ of the offsprings were as tall as the tall plants in the P generation. I also noticed that ¼ of the offspring were as short as the short plants in the P ...

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