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Edexcel Marketing Assignment 4

  1. Introduction

My name is Stellson Pedro, I am in year 10, I’m 15 years old and I go to barking abbey school. This assignment is about marketing, how businesses go about, what they offer to the customers/consumers, and in addition, how they use marketing strategies to get the better of over businesses that are in competition with each other. Marketing is finding out what customers want, providing it and making sure that the public is aware of it and where they can buy it.

The FOUR P’s

  • Product – it is important that a firm finds out what customers need and want through the market research, and produces products and services to match.
  • Price - this is based on how much customers are prepared to pay, how much the product or services cost to produce, how much competitors are charging and how much profit the company wishes to make.
  • Promotion – this compares the methods used to bring a product to the attention of the customers and sell it to them. This means advertising and promoting the product.
  • Place – this involves making sure that the product is in the right place at the right time, so that potential customers can buy it.

Marketing is important to a business such as customer relationships as well as creating product awareness. Without an effective marketing strategy you stand to not gain customers or lose customers.

This coursework is for my business studies teacher.

Contents Page

  • Title Page
  • Marketing Campaign Opportunities – Page 1
  • Define key terms – Page 2
  • Location Research – Page 3
  • Competition – Page 4
  • Chosen Location – Page 5
  • SWOT ANALYSIS – Page 6
  • Questionnaire – Page 7
  • What decisions will your results help you to make? – Page 7
  • The Economy – Page 8
  • Marketing Campaign- price, promotion strategies what is available what will I choose? – Page 9
  • List of activities for marketing – Page 10
  • Unique Selling Point – Page 11
  • Costs – Page 12
  • Different promotional activities – Page 13
  • Sponsorship – Page 14
  • Public Relations – Page 15
  • Marketing Plan – Page 16
  • Example of marketing – i.e. flyers, leaflets, radio script etc based on your choice of marketing activities - – Page 17
  • Final costs of the campaign – Page 18
  • Recommendations and Conclusions – Page 19


Marketing campaign opportunities

  • The business type that I have chosen is a sports shop. The reason I have chosen a sports shop is because of the competition, such as JD, JJB, SportsDirect and many others. I believe i can make profits from owning and running a sports shop. In addition, I will be making my products slightly cheaper and affordable to lots of customers.


Key Terms

Competition: - is attracting consumers to buying a product by having an entry form on the back of the packet or inside of a newspaper or magazines. Prices can vary from holidays, to cars or cash.

Locals Markets: - small specialists such as butchers, bakers, greengrocers and pharmacies, as well as services such as hairdressers and post offices, offer convenience for customers.

Market Segmentation: - this means dividing the market for a product into different types of consumers who share similar characteristics. A business can then target groups with particular products that attract consumers.

Market research: means finding out what the consumers like/dislike so businesses can be prepared to make their own products to match the consumers need.

Target market: - are a set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve. There are two types of target market Primary research and secondary.

Marketing campaign: - is an organized and coordinated effort to promote the sale of a certain product or group of products in accordance with a particular theme, using multiple forms of media.

National: - is a business that is located nationally. E.g., JD only sells in England.

International: - is a business or brand such as Nike. They sell around the world to different countries and to different retailers and wholesalers.

6. Location Research

Location research is important to a business because the location of a business, it tells you about the customers they want to bring in and what kind of target audience they’re looking for. For e.g. if a shop is at lakeside then they target everyone because all age groups and all kind of shops are there for everyone. But if you choose somewhere like Clapham high street, it’s kind of dirty and you wouldn’t expect many to people to go and shop there.

There possible locations for my business are

1. Romford

2. Lakeside

3. Brent Cross

Location 1:  Romford

  1. There are many shops in this location, such as JD, McDonalds, KFC, Boots, Nandos, and Kids space, Sainsbury, Tesco and Vue Cinema.  
  2. Buses, Trains.
  3. Essex
  4. Yes.
  5. Yes there is parking too far from the cinema
  6. It is in the town.
  7. The good thing is you get many shops and various types of shops suited for your shopping needs.
  8. The bad thing it is usually packed with many consumers and most of the time the transports take long to get to Romford.
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Location 2: - Lakeside

  1. There are many shops like Pizza Hut, GAME, JD, Argos, Tesco, Sainsbury and Costco.
  2. Trains, Buses, Car,
  3. East London.
  4. Yes, there is a big compound car park.
  5. They are out of town.
  6. The good thing is it has various shops, and even lots of facilities like Cinemas e.g. Vue.
  7. The bad thing is that it is far away and the best way and easy way would be to use a car to go there as using a bus would take time and train too.

Location 3 ...

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