Human Resources.

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Human resources involves a wide variety of activities related to the arrangement and implementation of organisational policies, the requirement of opportunities for monitoring, evaluation and change and the application of resources to the fulfilment of organisational ends.  

Aspects of ‘people management’ include:

  • The recruitment, retention and dismissal of staff.  
  • The training, development and promotion of staff.  
  • Liaison with employee organisations and trade unions.  

These are areas with which the human resources staff is involved.  The overall purpose of the human resources function can for that reason be identified as:

  • To attract and retain good high-quality staff.  
  • To ensure that the organisation operates within the law in relation to employment and health and safety.  

The Philip Markham organisation believes they will not be successful if they do not have the commitment of all staff and intend to look after all their employee’s needs through the functions of the human resources department.  


The overall contribution of the finance function can be grouped in to three main areas:

  • Preparing accounts.  
  • Preparing wages and salaries.  
  • Obtaining capital and resources.  

Philip Markham employs ten members of staff in the finance department.  The department makes sure internal customers receive the money they are owed and customers pay their bills.  To keep control of finances the organisation allocates different department budgets and expects them to keep to there planned levels income and expenditure.

Finance also has the task of preparing all the accounts each year so that they comply with legal responsibilities to the Inland Revenue.  They also complete VAT returns to HM Customs and Excise.  Pete Martin the management accountant at Philip Markham is responsible for checking that production levels and sales are on target.  He advises all internal customers who are the directors, about the current financial health of the organisation on a weekly basis.  An additional responsibility for the finance function is advising the organisation about more money for the purpose of expansion to buy raw materials or expensive equipment so it can remain competitive obtaining extra finance, called CAPITAL at the best rates possible.  


The contribution production makes to the overall business is to make a product and provide a service.  The core function of the production department is to obtain the resources required by the organisation and transform those into a product.  The production function is also concerned with organising the resources to produce the goods and service in the most appropriate way.  

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Philip Markham carry out three different operations in their production department, these are as follows:

  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Despatch

The layout of the production area has been designed to maximise the flow of materials when producing the shirts from cutting to finishing.  The cutting area is near to the stores so that materials can be transported the minimum distance.  Quality control is extremely important to Philip Markham and each team cutters, machinists and finishers is responsible for ensuring that quality is right at every stage of the process.  

The shirts and ties pass to the packing department, ...

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