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Unit 1 Criterion 4

We did a Pest Analysis in class

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technological

PEST analysis is very important that encounters four external influences that need to be addressed within a business.  

Main competitors of Cadburys

Cadburys is a big successful chocolate company which is known in all civilization, especially in Europe. Cadburys chocolate share is built on regional strengths as is the case for the other top five chocolate groups. Cadburys command strong positions in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India. In candy, Cadbury have a number one position. Halls is their largest brand in candy and our position is supported by other significant regional and local brands. 

Cadburys number two position in gum is built on strong market shares throughout the Americas, in parts of Europe (including France, Spain and Turkey), and in Japan, Thailand and South Africa.

By participant, the market is relatively fragmented, with the five largest confectionery companies accounting for around 40% of the market. There are a large number of companies which participate in the markets on only a regional or local basis. Cadburys compete against multinational, regional and national companies.

Every big company have competitors and for Cadburys it is impossible to avoid.

 There are a lot of successful companies as well. Here is the diagram.

Kraft is a good competitor for Cadburys, because it also makes different products, coffee chocolate etc.

Kraft brands are among the leaders in the UK market and many of them are household names.

Kraft outstanding portfolio of products falls into the core categories of coffee, cheese, confectionery and grocery.

Kraft power brands include;

  • Kenco coffee
  • Philadelphia
  • Dairylea 
  • Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Their other major brands include 

  • Maxwell House soluble coffee 
  • Carte Noire coffee
  • Terry’s All Good
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Kraft market position is further emphasised by the positions their products hold - for example, Kraft's coffees are ranked number one in seven European countries, and in South Korea.

In fact, throughout the world each year Kraft sell roughly the equivalent of 94 billion cups of coffee annually or an estimated 257 million cups of coffee each day.

Kraft is the Global Leader in the soft white cheese category with the ‘Philadelphia’ brand as well as achieving over $1 billion in worldwide sales. And in the UK Kraft hold either the number one or number two market share positions for coffee, soft white and processed cheese, convenience meals and dressings.


Mars- Wrigley is the most dangerous competitor for Cadbury. Mars-Wrigley has a same demand as Cadburys have, they are very popular a people love them, especially kids. This Mars-Wrigley success can put Cadburys on risk any time. But now the situation stays constant.

Join now!

Cadbury’s knows that Mars-Wrigley can put them on risk, so they trying to make new offers, new types of chocolates Easter eggs etc.

A combined Mars-Wrigley entity would overtake Cadbury Schweppes as the world's biggest confectionery company. The Mars-Wrigley deal means Cadbury will no longer be able to call itself the largest confectionery group on the planet.

Mars, the world's largest chocolate maker, and the investor Warren Buffett confirmed today that they would pay $23 billion (£11.5 billion) cash for Wrigley in an agreed deal with America's largest chewing-gum maker.

Leading global confectioners Mars ...

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