Tesco is the most successful supermarket chain in UK because of its well-known good services and product quality. To maintain this loyalty, they go greater lengths to improve and sustain quality.

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Tesco is the most successful supermarket chain in UK because of its well-known good services and product quality. To maintain this loyalty, they go greater lengths to improve and sustain quality.

Tesco define quality assurance and quality control as an ongoing approach to providing 100% customer satisfaction by providing error free, waste free and accident free products and services.

To establish this quality process, each functions management staff attends meetings every day on total quality management and on leadership of quality between functions to achieve objectives. Within the company, a quality improvement team meets weekly to lead and monitor the quality process. The organisation as a whole has principles that it operates on to ensure quality mainly: -

* A must to meet customer requirements and satisfaction all the time

* Prevention of defects and errors of any kind

* Measurements to verify the processes are meeting requirements as intended

Improving quality in products is done in many ways. Starting with products produced by Tesco itself to meet their customer needs, products are inspected and tested at various points during production. Staff are highly trained to maintain quality and also keep personal hygiene so that they don't contaminate the products with germs. The products also have expiry dates which also monitored so that the expired ones are quickly removed. Most fresh products are not sold after 24 hours but instead removed and replaced with new ones. The place is regularly cleaned to maintain hygiene. The quality control & assurance management is concerned with detecting and cutting out the products that fall below set standards. This process takes place after these products have been produced. Quality control is carried out by Tesco employing quality control inspectors. Inspection and testing are the most common methods Tesco uses to carry out quality control.
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Quality assurance occurs both during and after the event, and is concerned with trying to stop faults from happening. Quality assurance is concerned with making sure products are produced to satisfactory standards. Quality assurance is the responsibility of the workforce working in teams. Quality standards should be maintained by following steps set out in Tesco quality assurance system.

Tesco produce their very own basic household products to satisfy the needs of various consumers. There are various processes involved in adding value in the process of their products. Tesco add value to their products by adding more information ...

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The report states 'BS5750' alongside a number of other similar terms. However none of these are explained within the report. The examiner will not understand what the student is discussing. The report isn't structured well, as some paragraphs are split into easily readable sections. However some paragraphs are quite messy. In addition, the language used by the student is quite basic and doesn't include terms which could have been used within the report.

The report states that Tesco is the most successful supermarket within the UK. This is correct, however there have stated that this is due to well-known good services and product quality. Although the student doesn't state that Tesco is the most successful, as there have the largest market share within a competitive market. The student should conduct some research and state the certain % of Tesco's market share compared to other major supermarkets. The student states that employees have to ensure that 'angry' customers are treated with the same manner as those who are not. The employee should be polite, smile and say bye were necessary. Although why does Tesco enforce this? The report could include 'Tesco enforces this, as this may allow the customer to return to the store, if there have received outstanding customer service. Thus, this increases their profits the business generates'.

In summary, the report is quite good. The report states how Tesco ensures that their products, alongside their customer service is of high quality. However the report does contain a number of spelling/grammar errors. In addition, the student doesn't justify some points within the report The report states that staff who are creating Tesco branded products, ensure that there keep to personal hygiene to ensure that the food doesn't have any germs on. Although it's important to note, that the majority of germs are fine. Although some germs can develop into potential life threatening diseases which may be consumed by one of their customers. It's vital that all potential causes of this is reduced, and this isn't explained within the report. In addition, the student states that their employees ensure that all policies within Tesco are followed though. Although the report doesn't state how Tesco respond to any issues slipping though. Tesco will have policies in place to ensure that any issues can be resolved even when flaws have been missed by their own employees. This should be explained within the report.