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Design specification. The main feature that my product will have is reversible quilt and cushions and patchwork. Patchwork is fabric that is sewed on quilts by hand to create a pattern.

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Design specification and design ideas My design specification will include all the information that will give anyone who reads it a clear idea of what my product will look like and the features it will have. My target audience is teenagers. The product is a quilt and two matching cushions with it. The cost of this product will be reasonable as I have explained on the research and analysis section that teenagers cannot afford to buy a quilt that is expensive as they have to watch their budget. Selling a product that is expensive will not be successful in a teenage market because your target audience will not buy it because it's too expensive. ...read more.


My quilt will be made out of 100% cotton because my survey gave these results and this is what teenagers prefer best. They prefer this because cotton is soft and comfortable to sleep with. It is also easy to wash and it doesn't shrink when you tumble dry it. Also cotton looks brand new after every wash the colours don't fade away and it doesn't loose its whiteness or shine. My product will also be suitable for batch production because its theme and design is unique. It will be something that doesnt already exist in the teenage market. The features are unique and also it's Uni-s*x and there are not many quilts that are Uni-s*x or are labelled as uni-s*x. ...read more.


The larger design is usually based on repeat patterns built up with different coloured shapes. I got this information from my analysis on internet. Quilts are usually weight less meaning they don't usually have mush weight so mine will no be heavy either. The size of my cushions will be 50 x 50 cm. I will produce two matching cushions with my quilt. My quilt will be 135cm wide x 200cm length. This is 135x 200 cm the size of a double sized bed. I will be sewing my quilt and cushions together and the fastenings that I will use are zips and buttons. Always sew quilt back to front because it's easier to sew accurately. My bindings width will be 1/4 (finished size). The binding strips will be cut 1 1/2 wide. The cuts strips have to be bigger as they have to cover two sides of the quilt. Zobia ...read more.

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