Textiles Finished Garment Evaluation. When picking out my fabric and components for my blazer I took in to account peoples opinions, the cost of making and what fabric fits its purpose.

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To start off with we had to decide our design brief and product theme, my brief was : “Next spring/summer 2011 trend forecasts show the theme “Vintage Britain” is going to be the main key theme in fashion. Design and make a garment at London Fashion Week to celebrate past and present  British fashion”. I chose the theme Vintage Britain as I believe it fitted in with our environment today as there is a lot of focuses and major events    happening in Britain such as the 2012 Olympics, so I thought it would be a suitable theme to look back on the past and see all the fashion trends and history. If my garment came out as a success it would be a one off item for the runway at London Fashion Week, however high street shops would Interpret it for every day wear, as the trend is going to be big in spring/summer 2011 so they want to product the garment before their other competitors.

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Before all of the designing and manufacturing stages I had to do some research which fits in with my design brief, I researched existing products so I didn’t make something that is already out on the market, I did some market research to see what would appeal to a wide audience, I researched the most popular decade in Britain from the past, and I did some client research on London Fashion Week. From the research I did it allowed me to create a design specification, which helped me further in the whole design process to make my final garment, also ...

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