My Early Years.

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My Early Years.


I was fortunate enough to be brought into this world on August 18th 1988 at 10.45am in Neath general hospital to two very loving parents Elizabeth and George Evans. I weighed eight pounds and two ounces and was named William Lloyd Evans, a name I share with my grandfather. Mum and I had to stay in the hospital until the doctor said we could go home to my house.

          During the weeks before my birth my mum and dad spent ages getting the house ready for their new baby. When I arrived at the house I went straight to sleep in my new bedroom where I found painted clowns on the walls, which my mum had spent ages decorating. Also I had a crib down stairs, and on my cot in my bedroom I had an activity centre and a musical mobile. All I used to do when I was a little baby was eat, sleep, and drink (well I don’t know a baby who doesn’t!)

          After my eating, sleeping, and drinking age came a terrible time that all parents hate the toddling age. Every thing had to be baby proof; the gate at the edge of the stairs and the locks on the cupboards, some doors and last of all the playpen where my mum could just put me and then have a break and a nice cup of tea. After toddling I became very good at walking and I refused to sit in my buggy. My mum found it easier to handle me as I got older and so she found the years whizzing by and sooner or later it was time for me to start nursery school.

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           When it was time for me to start school my mum and dad thought it would be a good idea for me to go to my mum’s school, where my two teachers were called Mrs Meredith and Mrs Holy, where I found it very difficult calling my mum Mrs, Evans. In nursery we used to play on big apparatus and we used to play in the Wendy house which incidentally fell on me on the first day I was there I think it had something to do with me pull the door the wrong way I was so embarrassed ...

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