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What is a British film?

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What is a British film? Adrian Albon In order for a film to be classified as British it has to fulfil one of a number of criteria. The first type of British film is one where the production company is managed, and controlled in the UK and the film is produced in the UK.70% of the production cost of the film must be spent on filmmaking activity in the UK. If the costs of one or two people are deducted from the total labour costs then the same deductions must be taken from the total production cost before the 70% test is applied. ...read more.


must have been paid to citizens or residents of the EU/EEA or Commonwealth or Association Countries. No more than 10% of the playing time of the film should be visual images from a previously certified film or from a film by a different maker. These points can be summarised as: * The film must be made by a British company or subject; * All studio scenes must be shot in British empire studios; * 75% of labour costs must go to British subjects (excluding one foreign actor or producer); * the author of the film must be British. ...read more.


These can be summarised as: * Majority UK Productions. Where "the cultural and financial background is from the UK and the majority of personnel is British"; * Majority UK Co-Productions. Where "although there are foreign partners there is a UK cultural content and a significant amount of British finance and personnel"; * Minority UK Co-Productions. "Foreign (non-US) films in which there is a small UK involvement in finance or personnel"; * "American films with UK creative and/or part financial involvement". An example of the first type of co-production film is Purely Belter. Which featured an all English cast, English settings and culture, but some European money. ...read more.

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