What similarities are there between Friar Laurence and the Nurse and the functions they perform in Romeo and Juliet?

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What similarities are there between Friar Laurence and the Nurse and the functions they perform in “Romeo and Juliet”?

There are many similarities between the vital roles played by the Friar and the Nurse that become increasingly apparent during the play “Romeo and Juliet”. These similarities mainly revolve around the very parental figures of the characters, in the way that they look after and are treated by both Romeo and Juliet.

The Nurse is a wet nurse, who was brought into the Capulet household by Juliet’s mother to feed Juliet. In the 16th century a wet nurse was a mother who had recently lost her own child and is still able to feed a baby; this enables the true mother to prepare for another child and to make life easier for herself. The Nurse behaves as more of a motherly figure to Juliet throughout Juliet’s life than her true mother does; she calls her,

“Prettiest babe”

This helps to show how fond of Juliet she truly is; she then also goes on to say;

“And I might live to see thee married once, I have my wish.”

Seeing their child get married is usually something that a mother looks forward to in life, seeing that their own daughter has grown up. The fact that the Nurse has this dream, not her mother, truly does show how much of a mother the Nurse is to her, it also shows how the Nurse does truly think of Juliet like her own daughter, this means that Juliet is a lot more relaxed when she is with the Nurse and is closer to her, making it a lot easier to confide her true feelings about her love for Romeo, and the problems she gets herself in.

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The equivalent character, who has a vital role in the story by giving the support needed to Romeo, is Friar Laurence; Friar Laurence is a man of the church, well known by people in the town of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo confides all of his deepest feelings and true passions in the Friar. In return the Friar gives his own advice to the young boy; this advice is well appreciated and taken truly into thought such as his plans for the marriage. Romeo is a lot more open and truthful around the Friar than he is around his own ...

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