Antony and Cleopatra Scene summary Act 3.

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Antony and Cleopatra

Scene summary

Act3 scene 4

Location- Athens

At act 3 scene 1 line 36 we learn that Antony intends to go to Athens and at act3 scene 6 line 65 Octavia believes he is still there. According to Plutarch Antony was in Tarentum when Octavia spoke the words given to her in line 12-20 but Shakespeare in this scene departs from Plutarch who reports that she sent them not to Antony but to Caesar, the dramatist presumably wanted to avoid giving Octavia to similar scenes with her brother and decided to give her one with Antony and one with Caesar act 3 scene 6.

  As a result this present scene prepares the audience for her meeting with her brother in act 3 scene 6, it shows the rift between Antony and Caesar starting to develop rapidly, much more rapidly than in historical fact. Enobarbuses prediction at the end of act 2 scene 6 is now proving correct.  

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Act 3 scene 5

Location Alexandria

Several historical events are compressed into the scene including Caesars dismissal of Lepidus from the triumvirate, and the murder of Pompey lines 18-19.

The roman world is now divided between Caesar and Antony who are coming closer to outright conflict 13-15, 19-20.

Act 3 scene 6

Location- Rome

In this scene Shakespeare again closely follows Plutarch, who describes how Antonys arrogance and contempt for the Roman people gradually aroused their hostility towards him.

 It is designed as a parallel to act 3 scene 4. Whereas in the earlier scene Antony ...

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