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Death Of A Salesman Talk:

  1. Death of A Salesman In It’s Time.

The context of post-war corporate culture-Its universality. A05

-Willy’s flashbacks and 1949 present issues.

- These issues are still seen today in 2008, such as mortgages, sibling relationships and jobs in society.

-Even compare to people and television programmes, such as only fools and horses. Difference is Willy never does achieve his hopes and dreams.

-Arthur miller makes it a very business like culture-Pressure.

-Succeeding in Business-Dale Carnegie 188-1955.

-A man, who talks about how friends come in use.

-Willy doesn’t only sell his goods and products, but has to try and sell himself as a salesman to make deals.

-Willy is seen as a mediator, he is helpless and all his problems are brought upon himself.

-Society at this time had a fear of the depression which had happened in the 1930s America was getting on its feet business was booming and people had money to spend on goods.

-Businesses would sell to consumers and there was competition between consumers to buy good / quality products, this relates to Willy and Charley- (for example the refrigerator – Willy is tempted by big adverts but his fridge doesn’t last) consumers compete against each other. It’s like keeping up with the neighbours to have the showiest house and goods.

-Howard has power in society as he is a successful man in society. (Electric tape recorder – this shows how he can afford to buy the latest goods and how Willy is tempted “I think I’ll get one” but he can’t afford to).

-How do you reach this is society? How do you compete?

-Willy bases what he thinks will make him successful on personality and being liked /popular.- “Be liked you and will never want.” He instils this in his sons. He thinks being good looking and popular will make them successful but he forgets to teach them about working hard and knowing right from wrong.

-Being liked and cultivating a masculine image are important to Willy. He describes the boys as “young Adonis’s.”

-Willy mocks Bernard as being “A worm” as he worked hard and is different from Biff & Happy. Bernard is a geek not sporty but he is the one who ends up successful. He is a lawyer, married with two boys. The things Willy would want for Biff n Happy.

-“Business is business”- Howard.

-The play has a sense of masculinity. The characters are haunted by the presence of The American Dream which was the desire to be successful and provide for your family. America was seen as the land of opportunities; the original pioneers went out and built towns and businesses. Ben could be seen as an example of this.

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-Willy can be seen as a victim of his own lies and self pity. But he can also be seen as a victim of the American culture and society. Willy is pushed to work in a modern business world but this isn’t right for him, he would be better working the on the land. When Biff decides to do this Willy despises him and thinks he’s a failure.  

-Charley is a capitalist and has pity for Willy. Charley helps Willy unlike Howard. Howard like Ben is ruthless. Ben doesn’t fight fair “it’s a jungle out there.” Howard will not support ...

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