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GCSE: Educating Rita

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  1. What Do Frank and Rita Learn from Each Other? How Does This ‘Education’ Change Them As People

    We learn from him that he is divorced and his present relationship is not an idealistic one. He is quite disrespectful and longs to have more free time to sit in the pub and drink. Examples of these are things like, 'Strange hours for this Open University thing. They expect us to teach when the pubs are open.' (1.i) 'Jubilantly he moves to the Dickens section and pulls out a pile of books to reveal a bottle of whisky' (1.i)

    • Word count: 1601
  2. How did Willy Russell make the opening dramatic and entertaining?

    This is also found to be entertaining as he hides his addiction by secretly storing the bottle behind Dickens. As Frank was on the phone to his wife, to whom he is being quite rude to which is also entertaining to the audience, someone knocks at his office door.

    • Word count: 260
  3. What impression of Rita does Willy Russell create in Act One, Scene One? How does this character develop throughout the play?

    We are perhaps a little shocked by her entrance as we are made to wait for it (so suspense is built up) - and the fact that she comes in complaining loudly about the state of Frank's doorhandle, despite the fact that she is the student and Frank the teacher. This unexpected authority reversal is opposite to our notions of teacher-pupil respect and this helps her entry create a lasting impression. It is obvious this is also unexpected to Frank as he is left staring at Rita, slightly confused, for a moment until he regains his composure and mumbles an answer.

    • Word count: 3193
  4. How the Key Characters change as the play progresses? How do their relationship progress?

    Rita considers Frank to be an educated man but her likening for him is increased by the fact that she perceives him to have a grasp on reality. Frank however, is not perfect. Frank seems to be a middle-aged alcoholic; he is like this pretty much throughout the whole play. In one scene where he explains to his girlfriend why he has taken on Rita, he says: "Yes...Yes I suppose I did take it on to pay for the drink" However, before condemning Frank as pitiful alcoholic it is important to consider the circumstances surrounding his addiction.

    • Word count: 3587
  5. ‘Educating Rita’ By Willy Russell - The way in which Russell maintains the audiences interest at the same time as presenting important ideas about education.

    Educating Rita was written in the early 1980's. At this time, in Britain, there was a great deal of unemployment. This unemployment was due to the major companies, such as steel and coal, changing hands from private state companies to national companies. This was done to re-structure the economy. Nationalised industries were labour intensive and new skills were required to work the new technology, brought in from abroad. Many of the workers from the private companies didn't have these required skills. Their jobs in the private companies were the only jobs they had ever had, and most of the workers had gone into these jobs straight from school, with no further education.

    • Word count: 2091
  6. How does Russell make the opening scene of "Educating Rita" interesting for the audience?

    This is very unstereotypical because you think of all teachers as being respected, law abiding citizens. Frank is not happy in his relationship with Julia who is an ex-student who he is living with. This relationship problem is obvious from the start of the play and it opens up the possibility for a relationship between Rita and Frank. Frank has a strange sense of humour:-"Yes, that's it, you just pop off and put your head in the oven." This kind of humour is sometimes quite hard to understand but it does make the play more interesting to some audiences.

    • Word count: 1503
  7. Eveline - short story review

    Her father was very different because he was violent and harsh to her. She must have still loved her father more than Frank, because her father was the only family she had left in Ireland. She felt her life with Frank in Buenos Aires would be a real life not working all the time not getting shouted at. She thought Frank would give her all these thing then it said 'maybe love' so if she went with him even though she would have a better life she wouldn't have love but her father really loved her.

    • Word count: 1388
  8. Is the ending of Willy Russell’s “Educating Rita” dramatically satisfying?

    skill required to feed a hungry mind like hers but Rita refuses to hear anything of the sort and insists on him accepting to take her on. Frank at the beginning is obviously power figure being the teacher and male in the relationship. However Rita readily comes in to argue her point with Frank at great lengths. Rita is in a way dependent on Frank she come to see him whenever she discovers something new or does something new.

    • Word count: 576
  9. How Relevant Are the Issues Raised In Educating Rita In the Year 2000?

    People don't want Rita to change but she feels she has to and say's y' have to decide whether it's gonna be another change of dress or a change in yourself'. Then Frank say's 'But you - erm - you managed to resist another new dress. This part of the scene has a lot of tension in it but then Willy Russell uses humour to break the tension by using the previous quote. -This is part of an informal education because Rita has learnt from the mistake she made not to learn at school that she wasn't perfect and needed re - educating.

    • Word count: 999
  10. “Educating Rita” – Literature Coursework Essay – 20th Century Drama

    She talks in a heavily accented Liverpudlian voice. She uses very basic language and continuously uses colloquial speech. An example of this could be: "D' y' get a lot like me?" (Act one, scene one). During one point in the play, Rita changes her voice totally. She abandons her accent and adopts more formal speech. Frank notices this and tells her that it is unnecessary to abandon her uniqueness to be a "proper student". One can see an example of this in act two, scene two: Rita: "I know, Frank. I'm terribly sorry. It was unavoidable." Frank: "Was it really?

    • Word count: 1918
  11. How does the environment effect education in the educating Rita?

    Willy Russell wrote the play as a comedy but by doing this he also covered many life issues. Introduction to Rita Rita is 26 years old and works in a hairdressers she represents the lower uneducated class in the play. Rita turns to education she believes that it is very important and she wants to be educated more than anything. She says she wants to talk about "the things that matter" because she feels that her life is currently going nowhere. Rita's husband Denny doesn't like the idea of Rita being educated and he thinks by the age of 26 Rita should be pregnant or already have a baby.

    • Word count: 606
  12. Why do you think Willy Russell chose a duologue form for “Educating Rita”?

    This means that they would only have four years of secondary education. However, the play could have been performed around the time that comprehensive schools came in to being, but this is doubtful. In the case of this play, it is most likely that Rita went to a secondary modern school, where being a working class student put her at a major disadvantage, she left at fifteen and from there went straight into a hairdressing job. She would have had no previous training for the job, but would have been trained there as she worked, picking up new things as she went along.

    • Word count: 3666
  13. An assessment on the character Anne Frank.

    I will be writing about her and her experience during the holocaust trapped in a loft. Many interesting things happened to Anne during the play, but the 'date' between her and Peter didn't just involve them, it involved everybody in the loft. Before the 'date' they were getting ready in their rooms and they were both really dressing up.

    • Word count: 297
  14. Educating Rita

    To regain everything that she lost in life Rita takes Frank as her tutor at the Open University. Rita now wants everything from life. Frank: " What do you want to know? Rita: " I wanna know everything! The more Rita becomes educated less dependent she starts to get of Frank and so the less depend she becomes of his knowledge the more dependent he starts to get on her. Frank wants to be in charge all the way through this play but he is disappointed as all his superiority soon starts to go away.

    • Word count: 1410
  15. Educating Rita- How Does Russell Make The Opening Dramatic and Entertaining?

    This tells us that Frank, perhaps has a drinking problem. Russell then uses the interesting medium of a one sided telephone conversation between Frank and someone we expect to be his wife or girlfriend. This entertains the audience as they are wondering what the person on the other end of the line is saying. We become more accustomed to Frank's character. The telephone conversation is also humorous : "Darling, you could incinerate ratatouille and still it wouldn't burn" and " What do you mean am I determined to go to pub?

    • Word count: 564
  16. Frank says to Rita “...To pass exams, you’re going to have to suppress perhaps even abandon your uniqueness. I’m going to have to change you.” How does Rita change during the course of the play?

    Rita starts off as a very lonely character, but as she learns more, she makes more friends. We can compare Rita to Shirley Valentine, as they are both women who are trapped in a working class society, and they both want to break out. Rita escapes hers by getting an education and Shirley finds herself by escaping away to Greece. Rita finds herself in the end by learning as much as she can, and Shirley found herself, by finding a lover in Greece.

    • Word count: 2211
  17. The texts are set in very different times. How far are each woman’s actions governed by social expectations of women in each time period. Include analysis of the writer’s choice of language and form.

    Women had higher social expectations than just to have a baby and do the housework and could make their own choices within society. Women had the vote, the opportunity to an education and many more job opportunities at this particular time period. However, as in era that "The Sons Veto" was set a class system was still very apparent and largely then same. In contrast with Sophy, however, Rita wanted to join the middle class from her lower class urban background but the difference is that Rita has the choice whereas Sophy has no choice over this so Sophy is governed by societies attitude.

    • Word count: 2298
  18. Eveline review

    life as they both lived in Ireland and sort escape from the restrictions of their Catholic life On Ireland, They both "wanted to live" James Joyce left Ireland in 1902. 'Eveline builds up to a powerful moment of dramatic tension when to problem facing her reaches its resolution "All the seas of the world tumbled into her heart. He was drawing her into them: he would drown her". He uses the "stream of conciseness technique, this means the story takes place as it would have happened but also things could trigger off a memory that it would slip seamlessly into

    • Word count: 1042
  19. What impression of Rita does Willy Russell create in Act One, Scene One? How does this character develop through the play?

    - Frank feels he can't provide her with teaching she needs/deserves * So when he says that he can't teach her - she doesn't want another tutor because she likes Frank already - 'crazy mad piss artist' * Perhaps initially we think of the stereotype of the working-class person - 'thick', undereducated, uninterested in further education due to upbringing/the need to go out to work/peer views; maybe see Rita out of place with her accent and clothes (judge her by them).

    • Word count: 2049
  20. Denny burning Rita’s books

    Denny: Don't lie to me Rita. If your not on the pill then what is this. (Denny opens the back door and throws all the books and the essay onto the garden patio floor. He then pulls a prescription out his back pocket) Go on smart arse. Tell me what this is. Rita: I, I... Denny: It's a bloody prescription. Do ya know what for Rita? Rita: (looks very upset and is about to cry) Denny: Don't play innocent with me Rita. It's a prescription for your pill and the date on it is from two days ago which can only mean one thing.

    • Word count: 580
  21. Examine some of the differences between Higgins in Pygmalion and Frank in Educating Rita.

    Eliza becomes independent, and does not want to be a flower girl any more. Rita is tired of her life as a hairdresser and wants to read more and understand books. Frank starts to teach her as part of her Open University course. Gradually she becomes more independent as well, and starts to think for herself. Educating Rita is set in the North in the 1970s, when the Open University had recently been set up by the Labour government. It provided opportunities for working class people who might have missed out on schooling.

    • Word count: 1604
  22. Educating Rita by Willy Russell

    Our first impressions of Frank are that he is an alcoholic, who hides his drink. "Jubilantly he moves to the Dickens section and pulls out a pile of books to reveal a bottle of whisky. He takes the bottle from the shelf and goes to the small table by the door and pours himself a large slug into the mug is his hand." Frank has taken on the Open University work to pay for his drink. It is also obvious from the out set that Frank is middle class, this is shown by his profession, a university lecturer, his speech, standard English and his food, "lamb and ratatouille."

    • Word count: 1543
  23. Examine Frank's growing sense of unease as Rita becomes more educated

    The play is set in a naturalistic setting, Frank's office. You never see Frank outside of his office; this shows to the audience that Frank is quite plain and simple. It shows he is a man who doesn't go out much and have much of a social life. This is quite significant in showing that Frank's life is based around his office and he seems to be stuck in there. RITA: I'm comin' in aren't I? It's that stupid bleedin' handle on the door This is a good quote to use because it shows that Franks room is quite old and not very well looked after.

    • Word count: 1941
  24. Educating Rita is a popular stage play, but it does not have anything serious to say. Do you agree or disagree?

    Rita?s struggle to progress from her life-long working class position in society is exemplified early in the text, when she consciously decides not to attend frank?s ?party? in fear of being ?some stupid woman invited for a laugh?. This scene, which illustrates Rita looking up at the patrons in Frank?s apartment from the street, symbolises her opinion of her own standing in society; she feels below Frank and his upper class counterparts. Shortly after the party, Rita, is reassured by frank, who is capable of seeing past her social position, when he says, ?You were invited because I wished to share your company.?.

    • Word count: 932
  25. Educating Rita. There are two main characters in the play.

    Frank stuns the viewers with the bring out of a bottle of alcohol behind a stack of books, which makes you think about the problems he could be facing in life as a man like him with a job such as he attends should not be looking to throw away all the success he has and giving himself a bad image. This also can picture how Frank is hiding his addiction behind his real life. In the opening first scene the characters are put in a working setting.

    • Word count: 1055

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