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Explore how Peter Porter presents his thoughts on life in A Consumer's Report

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Explore how the poet presents his thoughts on life in 'A Consumer's Report' Use examples from the language of the poem to support your answer [15 marks] Peter Porter focuses on the consumerist society and the problems of life that a person goes through in his poem 'A Consumer's Report'. This is explored by the sustained metaphor of life and the monologue used which has an implied listener which is the reader. The tone drifts from a solemn one to a cynical one to highlight life's problems in that to portray how people see life as a bad thing. The main issue from the poem is that it is a life is satirical and people have become too indulged by product that it has become a consumerist capitalist state of society. The first line of the poem, "The name of the product I tested is Life" expresses the poet's feelings that to him life is just a product and this adds to the title as it is a comparison of life to a product. ...read more.


Similarly, this quote shows that we have stooped so low that we are surviving through the waste so there is no point clearing up this waste. (I suppose I have about half left but it's difficult to tell) - These two lines are cleverly in parenthesis to stress that people live their lives as if they have got it in abundance but, truly, they have lost track of their own life cycle. It has been boxed off into brackets to suggest that people do not care about looking ahead and planning for the future which is a risk. The structure of the poem is like a form which is completed by the consumer and returned to the supplier. There is a lot of punctuation used which adds to the effect of a product form and also there is spontaneity to this poem through the mixed structure of the poem to resemble that life has no path that is followed and is without structure from the start. ...read more.


The fact that these lines are present in the concluding lines of the poem means that we do not lose sight of getting the most out of our money until we die. The poet also states here that we are never satisfied with what we already have and we are on constant pursuit of something better. So the poet stresses that this is the biggest disadvantage in life that we are too money-conscious and that this is getting out of hand. Overall this poem is a self-reflection on life and that there are numerous problems which make life not as appealing as it may sound. There is always money involved even in the discussion of life in "It was not economical". The themes of life, disadvantages of life, report and philosophy are adapted to comment on the life's actualities and that these add to the reason the poet has written this type of poem. He is clearly unhappy with how life is lived by other people in his experiences and his observations of people who cannot stop their habit of buying goods. ?? ?? ?? ?? Franky Saxena 10U ...read more.

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