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Glasgow 5 March 1971 by Edwin Morgan is a poem which depicts a violent incident.

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?Glasgow 5 March 1971? by Edwin Morgan TASK: Choose a poem in which there is a dramatic or violent incident. Show how the poet conveys the incident using various poetic techniques. ?Glasgow 5 March 1971? by Scottish poet Edwin Morgan effectively conveys a violent incident which occurs on a busy street in Glasgow. The incident captured in this instamatic poem involves a violent attack on a young couple who are pushed through a shop window by thieving youths. The incident is shown vividly through various techniques such as imagery, word choice and structure. Through this poem, Morgan effectively criticises society and our reluctance to help others in need. One of the ways in which Morgan helps us understand the incident is through the use of imagery. The poem begins with a striking metaphor to describe the ?ragged diamond of shattered plate-glass?. ...read more.


The incident is described as the ?operation? which suggests that this is a purely business-like transaction for these people. There is no emotion. The word ?loot? suggests that the youths? only care is to grab as many valuables as possible and do it ?smartly?. This highlights the impersonal, business-like manner again, showing a lack of humanity. Again this is done with ?no expression? which shows no concern or care for the couple whose faces show ?surprise? and ?shock?. The word choice used here effectively shows the selfishness of the youths whose only care is to steal with no concern for who gets hurt in this violent incident. . Morgan achieves this by using the present tense, ?a young man and his girl are falling?, ?their arms are starfished?. ...read more.


This final line effectively conveys Morgan?s attitude that people turn a blind eye to violence, most likely from fear or lack of compassion. Through presenting this ?snapshot? of the incident in ?sharp clear? detail, it makes the reader think about what we would have done in this situation and why people failed to act. In conclusion this poem effectively conveys a violent incident on a busy Glasgow street. Edwin Morgan successfully highlights the lack of concern in our society for others. He achieved this through his instamatic technique, vivid imagery and effective word choice. These techniques helped me visualise the incident well and understand the writer?s message. The poem really made me think about how we treat one another in society as this incident is set in Glasgow in a busy street. It made me wonder if this would actually happen and if people would help or turn a blind eye. ...read more.

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