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How does Charles Dickens present the character of Scrooge In the opening chapter of A Christmas Carol

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How does Charles Dickens present the character of Scrooge In the opening chapter of A Christmas Carol? A Christmas carol was written to be released around Christmastime 1843 by Charles Dickens. I this essay I will be discussing how Charles Dickens presents the character of Ebenezer Scrooge in the opening chapter of the popular novel. The opening paragraphs of a Christmas carol give us an insight into Scrooges personality. They appear to be written by someone who knows Scrooge fairly well and we are made aware of the opinions of others around him by the personal way in which the story is narrated to the reader. The character of Scrooge is initially presented as being quite isolated. The use of the word "sole" when discussing the relationship between Scrooge and Marley informs the reader that Scrooge is lonely in all aspects of his life. Dickens does this by repeating the word next to different titles given to Scrooge such as "sole administrator", "Sole assign" and "Sole friend". He is also described as being as "solitary as an oyster" which adds to the isolated imagery which the author effectively creates. Charles Dickens then goes on to describe Scrooge as being a "Tight fisted hand at the grindstone". ...read more.


So he "put on his white comforter" to try and keep warm. Even though the weather is bitterly cold, Scrooge doesn't even offer any more coal to Cratchit. As long he is warm he feels it doesn't concern him. This is an example of how selfish Scrooge is. When a young carol singer stands outside his doorway expecting Scrooge to open his door welcomingly as so many others would, Scrooge instead "seized the ruler with such energy of action singer fled in terror." The carol singer who wrongly expects Scrooge to listen to him and maybe offer him money or food is instead rewarded with a beating. There is then reference made to the weather "even more congenial frost". This informs the reader of the weather conditions that Scrooge has forced the boy out into and makes Scrooge appear heartless. Scrooge is even ungenerous to some charity collectors who ask for funds for the poor to give them "a little extra" for Christmas. The charity collectors greet Scrooge in a very pleasant and well mannered way "Have I the pleasure of addressing Mr. Scrooge or Mr. Marley?" obviously unaware of Scrooges unsociable manner. Scrooge replies in his usual inappropriate way "Mr. Marley has been dead these seven years". ...read more.


The reader recalls the description of Scrooge when the term "misanthropic ice" is used. This is an effective piece of personification as there are very few ways in which ice can be likened to humans, however the word "misanthropic" meaning someone who hates people, is a good way of describing Scrooges antisocial personality and the way in which ice holds no regard for humans who have to suffer the cold consequences of it. I found the way in which the character of Scrooge is presented in the opening chapter of a Christmas carol very effective. There are several reasons for this. One of these is that, although there is a huge amount of description included, this does not seem to distract the reader from the narrative which shows the effectiveness of the devices Dickens uses to build up the picture of the characters in his stories. Scrooge is now used as a nickname as many misers in today's society are described as having a "Scrooge" like character or attitude concerning either money or Christmas which shows how well know the story is. Another is that although over one hundred and fifty years have passed since Charles Dickens wrote the story, it still remains a favourite. Not only as a Christmas story, but as a novel in its own right. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lucia Pasqualino ...read more.

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