How does Napoleon become Leader of animal farm, what are the consequences and what does this say about Orwell's view of leaders in our society

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How does Napoleon become Leader of animal farm, what are the consequences and what does this say about Orwell’s view of leaders in our society?

The novel Animal Farm is an allegorical novel which features Napoleon who opens the novel as ‘A young, rather fierce looking Berkshire Boar’ who is just and fair in his decisions. But after the revolution and the expulsion of Mr.Jones, Napoleon becomes the leader of the farm with a band of secret police; who has his nearest rival chased out and, by the conclusion of the novel Napoleon’s regime has become just as bad as that of Mr.Jones’. Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, the communist leader of Russia and the novel is George Orwell’s representation of the Russian revolution with each character in the novel representing someone from the real life Russian revolution.

A number of factors contribute to Napoleon becoming leader of Animal Farm. After the ‘Battle of the cowshed’ Napoleon and Snowball are the major leaders of the farm but they are unable to cooperate, this we know because ‘these two (Napoleon and Snowball) disagreed at every point where disagreement was possible’. This proves that they didn’t get along because they would argue whenever it was possible. Napoleon didn’t like this because he wanted to get things his own way even if Snowball’s plans were more beneficial for the farm than his. Napoleon needed something that would get rid of his nearest rival for good; this is where the dogs or ‘Napoleon’s secret police’ come into the novel.

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Napoleon takes the ‘nine sturdy puppies’ as they are referred to, near the end of chapter three. He tells their mother’s, Jessie and Bluebell that ‘He will make himself responsible for their education, he took them up into a loft room which could only be reached by a ladder from the harness room and there he kept them in such seclusion, that the rest of the farm soon forgot their existence’. The chance to remove Snowball arose when he began drawing up the plans for the windmill ‘Everyone including the chickens came to marvel at the plans’, so with no-one ...

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