I will be comparing The hunchback in the park and The clown punk and how the poets of the poems present isolated characters.

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Q: Compare the ways poets present isolated characters in “the hunchback n the park” and one other poem from characters and voice.

In this essay answer, I will be comparing “The hunchback in the park” and “The clown punk” and how the poets of the poems present isolated characters. I will compare them in terms of the context, language, structure and moos/tone of the poem.

“The hunchback in the park” is about a homeless man that gets bullied by a small group of boys because of his hunchback and the fact that he lives in the park. He tried to keep away from the boys and the park keeper. This creates that he is isolated as is kept away from everyone, possibly because of his appearance. The poet is trying to create an isolated character here by explaining how he tries to keep away from the boys. Similarly, in “The clown punk”, is about a homeless man. However, The man in this poem is trying to wash the windscreen of a car to earn a few pence. He appears to be heavily tattooed which could be the reason why he is isolated to everyone. Similarly, the poet of “The clown punk” presents an isolated character by describing him as “heavily tattooed”. This makes the reader think that people don’t see him as a human so he is therefore isolated form the rest of humanity.

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The poet also uses language to present an isolated character in “The hunchback in the park”. An example of this is when the poet describes the living area as a “zoo”. This presents an isolated character as the reader imagines the character as an animal. Animals are usually kept isolated from one another and are therefore seen as isolated form each other. The poet also, says that the character tries “dodging the park keeper”. This shows an isolated character as it shows that the character is trying to keep away from everyone else and is therefore trying to remain ...

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