Imagine you are Aunt Pegg. After one week of looking after the children, you write a letter to their parents

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January 16, 2013 Dear parents, Your children have been very naughty, and the over-indulgence you gave them isn’t happening when I’m around. These unbehaved children thought I was leering, sneering, peering. My beautiful tidy room now is messy all the time and my eyes were on sticks scrutinizing at them all the time, and anything mischievous they do I would pounce on them like a cat. Since then I have been teaching them what the philosophy of life. I kept your beloved children engaged at all times, doing most of my chores like sweeping the
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backyard, tidying the entire house and teaching them how to cook tasteless, crumbling cakes. I have also kept a very strong diet for them so they don’t lose their appetite. I have kept a special whistle in which on the first day I blew a whistle to order them downstairs to a breakfast of delicious and chewy, sugarless oat cereal. I have bought this for them because it is very good for the health of the children whether they like it or not. I have also been forcing them to eat all of it otherwise they are punished by more ...

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