In conclusion from sonnet LXXXV we have learnt how Shakespeare has to battle with rival poets however his experience comes out on top and how it is useful to have knowledge and he uses that to his advantage and

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Considering one or two sonnets in detail discuss Shakespeare’s explanation of the experience of writing

Shakespeare has written over a thousand sonnets and has grown in experience after every one. In many of his sonnets he describes how the voice of the verse can save you from the clutches of death and preserve your life forever. However as Shakespeare grows older and more popular his competition increases and thus puts more strain on his writing to come up with better sonnets. Therefore when he was writing about loves beauty he would sometimes get mind block and hence not create love metaphors as well as other writers.

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Sonnet LXXXV is a sonnet, which undermines itself simply by existing. The sonnet starts of by saying how he to behave in the same manner as previously and praising her. He then goes on to say how the poems in praise of the youth and put together with great learning and stylistic skill and flourishes. After which he goes on to say how commentaries are praising you preserve you richly in writing. By “reserving thy character with golden quill” means that he will forever keep her beauty and personality alive with poetic language and she will live on forever ...

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