Jealousy and Generosity - Personification

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Amit Wangoo                                                                                                                        05/12/2012


Jealousy and Generosity

 A small boy stood upon the lush green grass staring out into the penetrating mist that occupied the vast expanse of space. The boy stepped forward into the unknown. He stepped through the mist; it was as though some sort of barrier barring him access from a world behind a veil. A forest faced him as he stepped out of the mist.  The boy looked side to side and up and down. The trees stretched far into the clouds while the forest edge disappeared into the mist either side of him.

He crept into the forest, and slowly walked past tall towering trees and climbed over mammoth sized roots. The boy was thinking of a guy in his class at school, who had everything. He had the latest gadgets and most importantly loads of friends. There was no sound in the wood, except only for his own breath on the chilling air and the crunch of leaves under his feet.  The boy was trudging along, when something caught his eye. It was a plant; a colourful and beautiful plant, the only thing that was remotely fascinating in what seemed to be a never ending forest. After a while of admiring he continued past it but he was abruptly brought down onto the leafy ground by what felt like a hand clenched around his foot. He stared down at his foot. The plant he had been looking at now had flailing roots that were snaking their way up his leg like a growing fire, slowly clawing its way up his leg pulling his leg to a mouth with razor sharp teeth. “Help, Help, Help!” the boy screamed as he violently tried to tug his leg from the roots

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“I will help you,” spoke a disembodied voice from out of the mist.  The boy still struggling upon the ground was stunned. Where had this voice come from? Out of the swirling mist appeared a very tall man, with a frame that any dancer would envy. He was not pale but was somewhat diminished and he had a slight green tinge to his skin. He had emerald green eyes, like that of a shimmering ocean. He stood looking down at the boy. He raised his hands, and the roots of the plants retreated down his leg and the plant returned ...

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