Narrative writing -Mountain story controlled assesment

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‘CRUNCH!’  ‘CRUNCH!’ ‘CRUNCH!’ went the snow as it compressed beneath our feet signifying that we had reached extreme altitudes of this monstrous mountain.

I looked and witnessed the great structure punching the sky, forcing the atmosphere to release a heavy, surrounding shower of snow.

 We had been hiking for just over 2 hours and rested for a moment against a huge oak tree.

 We brushed off the snow which was approaching knee level, took a sip of a warm tea out of a silver flask.

“Do you think it’s safe to go on?” I questioned Bryan anxiously.                                                                          

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“It’s completely fine let’s keep going” replied Bryan calmly.                                                                                        

I unconvinced trusted him so we carried on.

It had not been even 10 minutes; we started to feel the earth tremble as if an earthquake had struck.

 Suddenly, tons of snow began to flooding down towards us; I bellowed at the top my voice:

“Avalanche, ...

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