Online Social Networking and Children: Your childs safety (Writing to inform)

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Online Social Networking and Children: Your child’s safety

Today, social networking sites have enabled their users to share pictures, videos, and audio instantly with a click of a button. Today’s younger generation have taken advantage of this technology and many have taken to use social networking regularly, regarding their social networking as their own online space. After all, all this is available to them for free. It seems safe and secure to them, but do you really know what’s going on?

InTheKnow Children’s Safety Campaign Group have produced this leaflet for parents to explain what social networking is, how it can expose your children to dangers and the steps needed to be taken in order to protect them.

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Social networking usage:

You may have heard of Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr being talked about by your children. These are all examples of social networks, which are operated on the internet and allow your children to share all sorts of media with other people including pictures, videos and audio, as well as allowing them to send and receive messages from other users. With the ability to share so much, sometimes unregulated, you can easily see how a door to danger can be opened, as children look into the online social networking world as their own private world. For security ...

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