'Power corrupt' To what extent does Orwell express this view in animal farm?

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‘Power corrupt’ To what extent does Orwell express this view in animal farm?

          The novel ‘Animal Farm’ written by George Orwell is based on the Russian revolution. It seems history almost repeats itself, we can already anticipate the animal’s downfall much like Russia’s. It becomes clear that Napoleon is the dominant character of the book, and is mirroring Stalin’s actions.  His method of leadership is not effective, and consequently will destroy the communist dream. Both leaders abused their power to achieve the dominant status, and crushed any rivals they encounted. Even though the outcome is predictable, we are intrigued to know the reason for the animal’s revolutions destruction.


Old major’s (the prize white boar) speech was the foundation of the whole story; it inspires the animals to revolt against the humans. He spoke of the song ‘the beasts of England’, which echoed in the hearts of the animals long after the major passed away. Old Majors prophecy was meant to be the guideline on how the animals should live, after the humans were defeated and the revolution was complete. However as time passed, his words where forgotten, as was the memory of his life.


At the Battle of the cowshed Jones and his men were defeated, after a spontaneous attack that had driven them from the farm. The pigs, the smartest animals on the farm seized control, almost immediately. The pigs displayed their power, and intelligence through a series of step-by-step changes. Already they had separated themselves from the rest of the animals, adopting the supervising role and complete dominance of Manor Farm. They show this through instructing the animals in their work, ‘Gee up, comrade!’ rather than their actual participation. They repeatedly use the threat of the human’s return, as a means to get their own way, and to maintain their control over the animals. The first obvious sign that the pigs were benefiting more became apparent with the milks disappearance, stolen by as we assume Napoleon.

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Two dominant pigs overlooked the farm, one was snowball and the other was Napoleon. Snowball had a excellent use of words and was a extremely convincing individual. Napoleon was a very head strong pig, whose determination and leadership, demanded respect from the other animals. They both had different ideas on how the farm should be run. If one proposed a idea the other would immediately reject it.

     ‘If one of them suggested sowing a bigger acerage of barley, the other was certain to demand a bigger acreage of oats’

   These two ...

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