Report on the food and drinks available for students in your school.

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Report on the food and drinks available for the students

I would like to express my opinion on the quality and availability of the food and drinks for the students. I feel that the school could do a better job on fueling us throughout the school day and that the choice of food is poor, and has little nutritional value at all.

vending machines

There are man vending machines littered around the school campus, however they seem to be mostly for show as many of them either don’t have any snacks or drinks in them, or just don’t work.It seems that you have to memorize the ones that fill their purpouse so that you dot end up loosing your lunch money in a machine that isnt even owned by the school;therefore the money is non refundable. Even the working vending machines offer no variety within them, such as the drinks in block C only seem to offer coke which is annoying when you want a drink of water to have in class,after PE.The snacks aren’t healthy either with chocolate bars and crisps these seem to be the only options at break as the canteen is closed. It seems that the school have no consideration for our health or for those who are diabetic.

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school meals

As a school I am not expecting a three course meal, however i would like a variety in our meals. there seems to be an overwhelming supply of chips, as these are the only things served on the menu:chips with gravy,beans or cheese.However if you're lucky it may be potatoe in all its glory. The closest you get to a nutritional meal is chips beans and battered fish. Thankfully our school has a salad bar which serves pasta salads and other light meals ,this is open once in a blue moon. Why ask for our dietary requirements ...

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