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Benji Gourgey        Diary of Elizabeth        17/10/2008

This is possibly the saddest day, for I have lost my life in the shape of my Husband. It is not only me who has lost something; my child has lost his father, my mother in law has lost a husband, and the people of this country have lost one of the greatest kings ever to live. My sorrow has no limits, so much so that I would grieve for eternity over my dead husband. I feel helpless now, for my stepping stone, which supported me through my life is gone and I fear all that is possible is for me to sink into the water, into darkness.

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Today I watched my nephew and neice suffer the same blow that I have, and as their aunt I could give them no comfort, for I was so overwhelmed by the death. For this, I feel terrible and a failure to my family. One thing that shocked me at first was the sorrow in which my mother in law, the Duchess, was besieged with. She was the saddest of all of us, for she had two of her sons taken away from her by death and the murderous hand of Richard. The thought of having to bare without any of ...

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