Write a letter to your headteacher to disallow year 11 students to go on study leave during the exam period model answer.

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Write a letter to your head teacher to disallow year eleven students to go on study leave during trial examinations and GCSEs rather than having to stay in school. Model answer. In my opinion year eleven students should not be allowed to go on study leave during their exam periods.        At home there are numerous different distractions around which are not there or are restricted at school. This immediately reduces the productivity of a student’s time spent at home.  Whilst at home you are often tempted to go out, watch television and surf the internet for long periods of time, which could be best used elsewhere. If you were in school you
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would not want to go out and televisions would not cause such a distraction. Do you really believe that studying at home with all these potential distractions is the best environment to be in and effective for the students? However, I do accept that for a minority of students studying at home is more relaxed and removes other distractions such as friends. This occasionally brings more benefit for them than if they were to study at school.         At school revisions and seminars that would be provided to enable students to have study time would be well structured and controlled, whereas ...

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