Revision Points on Population, Urbanisation and Tourism with examples.

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Population Growth

China – Overpopulation Management

  • Facts
  • Largest population in the world
  • Over 1.3 billion
  • Management
  • ‘One-Child Policy’
  • Benefits of Doing It
  • Longer maternity leave
  • Better housing
  • Free education for their child
  • Negatives of Not
  • Fined on their income
  • No benefits
  • Changes
  • In rural areas, if the first child is a girl or is disabled, you’re allowed a second child
  • If one of the parents has a disability, or both are only children, then you’re allowed to have a second child
  • Results
  • Prevention of up to 400 million births
  • The fertility rate of a woman has dropped from 5.7 to 1.9

Indonesia – Overpopulation Management

  • Facts
  • Fourth largest population in the world
  • Over 250 million
  • Uneven population distribution, majority in Java
  • Impacts
  • Lack of services
  • Lack of housing
  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Management
  • Due to uneven distribution of the population, the government started a policy called the Transmigration Policy to reduce the impacts
  • People are moved to other, less dense islands
  • Results
  • Population still not evenly distributed
  • Poverty still a problem
  • Land was too poor to be farmed or people don’t have the skills needed
  • Conflict between native people and migrants

UK – Ageing Population Management

  • Facts
  • In 2005, 16% of the population was over 65
  • Causes
  • People are living longer due to scientific advancements and improved living standards
  • Lots of babies were born in the 1940s and 1960s
  • Baby boom
  • The number of babies born has fallen leading to a decreased proportion of young people
  • Impacts
  • Elderly are living in poverty
  • The working population isn’t large enough to pay for a decent pension
  • The situation is getting worse as taxes aren’t high enough for the government to pay for the state pension
  • The health service is under pressure
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  • Older people need more medical care
  • Management
  • Raise the retirement age
  • More people paying tax and less people claiming pension
  • Encourage younger people to immigrate to the UK
  • Increases the number of people paying tax
  • Encourage women to have more children
  • Give tax credits after pregnancy to support women who go back to work
  • Encourage people to take a private pension
  • Tax breaks are given for some of these
  • Less dependency on state pension


Rio – Favelas – Local Authority Scheme

  • Facts
  • Rio de Janeiro is in Brazil
  • It has 600 squatter settlements holding 1/5 ...

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