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The Debate Over Developing the Amazon Rainforest

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A In this article I will talk about The Amazon (Amazonia), more specifically the Brazilian Rainforest. I will go over the importances of the rainforest, what good we are doing to the rainforest and what bad we are doing to the rainforest. I will tell you about the rainforest and tell you why it is a very valuable resource. I will tell you how it is being exploited in debt and the effect of the different ways in which we are exploiting the rainforest. I will also inform you what other people around the world are doing and what are the opinions of different groups of people including myself on these developments. The rainforest is a forest first of all, The Brazilian rainforest is in Brazil but it is part of the rainforest called The Amazon (Amazonia). The Amazon rainforest is located in the upper section north of Brazil, stretching from the east coast of Brazil to the hills of Andes (Peru); it covers billions of acres about 8 million square kilometres. The majority of the forest is contained within Brazil, with 60 percent of the rainforest, followed by Peru with 13 percent of the rainforest, and with minor amounts in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. ...read more.


Cattle ranching and logging has made u huge impact on the rainforest. Over 25% of the forest is cleared used for large-scale cattle ranching; during these cattle ranching the forest is cut down and burned and grass grow on the cleared land. Most of these cattle are reared for the mass production of cheap beef. Logging is causing the rainforest land to be cleared as well, thousand of loggers cut down trees for timber. Valuable hardwoods such as mahogany and teak are sold for export, bringing Brazil millions of dollars. Other timber is pulped for paper production. The Amazon rainforest has developed above a rich base of mineral resources. The minerals are exported to other countries. Vast areas have been cleared to gain access to these reserves. The rainforest has a lot of iron ore, and it also has gold platinum, copper, lead and bauxite for aluminium. The resettlement of people from other parts of Brazil has over populated parts of Brazil. Poor farmers are encouraged to settle in Amazonia and land is cleared for these small farms. When these farmers move in to the rainforest they use the land to grow food for their families and move on to new plots when the soils fertility declines. ...read more.


This process can ensure that the canopy is maintained. We can also do selective logging. This is when individual trees are felled only when they have matured. This helps preserve the existing canopy, and helps the slower growing hardwoods such as mahogany. Education is very important; a key component of any successful forest management strategy is to enable those who use the forest to become the stewards of the forest, protecting its future. The felling of trees should only occur once it has reached a specific height. This ensures that the younger trees have a chance of survival. We can also use the trees for rubber taping. This is a sustainable way in which the rainforest can be exploited. This exploitation is much better but I think it is not going to happen. What is being dome with the rainforest is out of hand and cannot be changed. Most of the rainforest has been destroyed already. I believe we should have both types of exploitation, sustainable and unsustainable because we are going to need cattle ranching and we are going to need trees for furniture either way, and I believe this is what is best, we cannot just have sustainable development, it is not going to happen no matter how hard we try. If we have both types then everyone will be happy, but we should also protect the forest as well. Curare ...read more.

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