What is the issue with energy in the UK?

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What is the issue with energy in the UK?

In the UK  and  in the rest of the MEDC (More Economical Developed Countries),use enormous amounts of energy that we need for our every day lives. We use a lot of electricity to light up our homes, heat our homes and cook foods. Our entire transportation system is heavily reliant on oil.

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Energy use has increased significaly since the start of the industrial revolution. This die to increase in the human population, increased production of consumer goods and increasing use of intensive such as washing machines, televisions and cars.

                  Figure 2

The planet is running out on fossil fuels. Due to the fact most countries depend on  There is a huge demand for energy worldwide (Fig 2) because countries are using it too quickly.

How can families be more energy efficient in their transport choices?

Walking and Cycling

Half of all UK car journeys are for fewer than five miles. Short distances lies can be expensive, because cars can use twice as much fuel as when engines are warming up. Walking and cycling can be practical substitute, especially in a town or city. They’re certainly cheaper, saving on parking fees as well as fuel. Also the health benefits are huge!

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Public transport

For longer journeys public transport can significantly reduce amount of pollution and greenhouse emissions you generate each day. Using this type of alternative transportation gives you the freedom to use your time wisely. If you live in the suburbs of metropolitan areas or on the outer edges of large cities using the park and ride system (Fig 3) could make big savings! Park and ride  are car parks with connections to public transport that allow commuters and other people headed to city centres to leave their vehicles and transfer to a bus or rail system for the ...

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