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Social development means the way in which people begin to develop and build on relationships with there personal, professional lives. The Majority of the children aged 4 usually should be able to know which gender they are. The child should be able to interact with others there age group, they should be able to participate in activities. Children aged 4 usually their speech becomes more clear. Some children at the age of 4 have their opinions early to things and they know there likes and dislikes. Children this age should be able to develop a quantity of everyday words .Social development also means when the child learns what behaviour is acceptable and expected in setting e.g. during snack time ,they can be taught  how to share and wait for their meal to be given without hassle which builds up there socializing skills.


The main aspects of social developed that children aged 5 years old achieve is

Friendship-meeting and choosing their friends that match them and may have similar personalities and may have similar hobbies e.g. tom- do you like tom & jerry  tom replied yes its my favour jimmy replied mine to.

Dislikes and likes-they should be able to know the activities they enjoy and don’t enjoy and know what subjects they like and don’t like e.g. sashay- I like maths because I like numbers and I am good at numbers. James- I hate maths because numbers gets complicated in my mind.

Abilities-children at age five should know what they are good at and know what they need to improve on. They will also know when they are improving because the parishioner will show them by rewarding them e.g. Jim I got a merit today because I got all my questions right said Sam.


Narrative method –it is free description which allows the observer to note down what a child is doing for short period of time. The observer is required to try to remain as unnoticed as possible as any interaction with those being observed is likely to have an impact upon the child's behaviour. The observer must try to note down every piece of information as possible such as verbal utterances, facial expressions, head and eye movements and how the child uses objects such as toys or play materials

Using this method provides a detailed narrative account of behaviour recorded in a sequential manner as it happens. The observer records everything the child does and if any changes are made or if anything is kept the same

D4: Explain one advantage and one disadvantage of this method observing children

D5: Main influences that may effect the social development of children

A Childs social development can be affected by transition e.g. primary to secondary school –a child in primary school is taught in one classroom all different subjects and in secondary school there is a lot of movement within classrooms because each lesson is a different place also in primary school when you are at year 6 you are the eldest in the school and when you hit secondary it all restarts again you become the youngest. This transition occurs to sometimes affect some children’s social development skills by children not as often communicating and if children tend to not often communicate it will effect there learning, which will lead to other complications. To deal with these situations parishioners usually do things that will help the children to fit in with the environment by organising activities that the child will like, using the canteen to multi-culture (foods),setting up own clothes days, trying all different learning techniques to fit each Childs needs

D6: Describing how snack and mealtimes can support the social development of children

Snack and meal time may support the social development of a child by building up their skills-there commutation skills such as speech, movement within the body. It also develops children’s learning, because when a child development there communication skills, it is known to develop their intelligence /ability. Snack and meal time may also build up the child’s self of steam to communicate with others and form a bond. Snack and meal time includes serving, and serving helps you on your speech, attitude, language and body language because within serving your main duty is to keep the customer happy .this is the main key this means the things required are to speak politely, use positive body language because very young children can be encourage to learn good manners e.g. by passing food to others and saying please and thank you, when food or drink is ordered. Children occur to naturally learn something of the wider social skills that are required in daily life.

D7: Showing an understanding of diversity and inclusive practice

Diversity is the differences and the unique separating one person from the other. Diversity is reflected in many ways including...

Beliefs - All different children have different believes and have to follow different procedures that are totally different and to each religion their beliefs are very important and has to be followed correctly.

Beliefs are very important to people because it reflects the way we see the world and the opinions we have about what happening to us.

E.g. Muslims are not allowed to eat pork and Hindus are allowed.

Language-Each country speaks different languages and it is hard for a child to adapt another language that the child has never spoke (go to live in a different country)

E.g. Sam is from England and has no African relatives, cannot speak any African at all and his family decides to move to Africa because of the climate.

 Cultures-Each country have different cultures meaning special days of celebration and food traditions etc...   All different countries eat different food and they use different recipes and have their special days that they are required to celebrate.

E.g. Muslims have a special time of year called Ramadan and Christians special time is Easter were they eat fish and others.

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These things are examples why diversity is used, to multi-task each child’s background.

Indeed Tassoni (2007) stated that diversity is about understanding that children come from variety of back grounds and family structures.                                  

Arrange activities to encourage children with special needs to particular full with other children.

This means providing ramps for wheelchairs users e.g. a corner with 2 walls for support, a chair with a seat belt or a wheelchair with a large tray across the arms.

How to promote diversity


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