Michael Argyle's communication cycle and Tuckmans stages of group interaction.

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Theories of communication

You can get two different types of theories of communication and they are: Michael Argyles communication cycle and Tuckman’s stages of group interaction.

The communication cycle

 Communication style is when two individuals starting communicating and the ideas they have are understood. For this there is a two way process included for effective communication. This process helps the other individual to understand the opinion of the other individuals. This also includes the procedure of checking understanding, using active or even reflective thinking.

Michael Argyle had strong points of view that inter personal communication skill that is can be learned and developed.  He made a communication cycle that had a code that you had to translate. This also meant that you had to work out what the opposite individuals behaviour was.

Furthermore communication cycle meant that you have to interpret ide code what others are communicating and adds to you also adapting your own behaviour to have effective communication but this can also mean non-verbal and verbal communication do not have to be straight forward.

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The communication cycle is up-front and it goes step by step.

  • An idea occurs:  this is when the individual knows they want to start communicating. An example may be if a child is at a nursery and he or she wants something they will start to communicate as they start to think about what they need or want.

During Tina and Mary’s interaction, Tina has too think about what she is going to say to Mary, she realises Mary has an exam and decides to base the conversation about how the exam went.

  • Message coded: the individual ...

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