Deng and the Gang of Four

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Deng and ‘the Gang of Four’



  • Lots of supporters in party and army
  • Natural survivor
  • Worked with Zhou Enlai on 4 moderations of China’s economy, which increased support.
  • 1977 – appointed Chairman
  • Carried out ‘Deng Revolution’ tried to revolutionize China in a new way.


  • Had been out of politics circle for many years
  • He was quite old, didn’t understand modern tactics and views
  • Weaker than the gang of 4.

(2) Deng is trying to project an image of the new China as more modern and capitalist than before. We can see this as behind him in the picture are modern buildings looking somewhat like new factories that were built during the Ten Year Plan. The image also features a regulated army that shows the new organisation of China. He is riding a modern car, which promotes capitalist ideas. He is trying to improve the situation of poverty. Deng is also trying to project himself as a leader with his hand up with soldiers lined up for him.

(3) He used bullying tactics and tried to humiliate prisoners. This gave China a bad reputation with other countries. Deng also tried to be similar to Mao as possible by dressing like him and showing his faithfulness by the ‘two whatevers.’ This backfired, however as he wanted to get rid of Mao’s policies as they were getting in his way.

(4) Mao would have like Deng’s new ways as it showed it increased economical strength and it will adapt new customs. It restored market economy and opened China to foreign trade, which will help them catch up to USA. Deng was able to implement his strategies as he convinced the people that he was a supporter of Mao and just editing his errors.

(5) Peasants were encouraged to sell to any surplus for free for their own profit. Farmers could return back to farms and it-opened China to foreign trade, Deng restored a market economy and make profit. Peasants were given more responsibility if they reached the quota determined by the government.

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(6) During the years of 1957 – 1984 there was a slight increase in annual growth in both grain production and agricultural value. It lets businesses become independent and gain more profit or produce more products.

(7) From 1984 – 89 it was at its best because of its Growth domestic product, the table shows there was a lack of consistency with the profit and output.  Manufacturing was at is best at 14.5% in 1984 and best GDP growth and inflation rate. Best profit at 1786.7 million yuan in 1989.

(8) The couple looks ...

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