Describe Opposition to the Nazis

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During the period of Nazi rule, opposition to the regime from within Germany grew.

. Briefly describe how the Nazis used the mass media to win the support of the German people.

[5 marks]

The Nazi’s used newspapers to influence the German people as the newspapers advertised the Nazi ideas and messages and showed them in a positive light. Radios were also used so people in different areas of Germany could hear speeches presented by Nazi members even if they were not in the same place. Also, the radio did not allow broadcasts from other countries which limited the amount of knowledge Germans had about other countries and ensuring the German people’s views were like those of the Nazi’s. Films such as ‘I accuse’ were made and shown to everyone to make the German people familiar with Nazi ideas such as killings of handicapped people to support the rest of the country. This indoctrination helped the Nazi’s win the support of the German people.
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. Explain why some Germans opposed Nazi rule?

[7 marks]

German Christians opposed Nazi rule because they believed Christianity could not accept such racist views. People such as Paul Schneider preached the words of God and spread anti-Nazi messages, Schneider was sent to a concentration camp but secretly sent messages tot the Church warning them no to compromise with the Nazi’s because he believed they were not to be trusted. Also, Cardinal Galen found out that the Nazi’s were killed mentally and physically handicapped people and Galen’s shock led to him revealing it to the public ...

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