Describe the Opposition to the Nazis in Germany.

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Opposition to Nazis

Nazi party was once the most popular party in the whole of Germany and Hitler used this to their advantaged to form a dictatorship. The use of propaganda and with a hint of terror made his rule very successful but there were still oppositions around them. But they controlled the Nazi opposition very well through fear. They executed opposition leaders such as Hans Scholl and Sophie Scholl.

The Nazis controlled the Germans through seduction (carrot) and supervision (stick). Nazis were very good at seduction at one point they had many firm believers of Nazi ideas. In the early years the very fact that they were not communist gained the much support amongst the middle classes. The swift reduction in unemployment was a further source of votes. The foreign policy achievements of the Nazis also pleased many Germans; even those who might be sceptical about other aspects of the Nazi regime often welcomed the strides Germany was making towards becoming a major power again.

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There were always oppositions around whether it was the youth groups or the more political parties such as communists and the SPDs. But most of them were sent to concentration camps, they tried to work together but they were too suspicious of each other for it to work. The opposition for Nazis in the youth were through the Edelweiss pirates and the White rose group, they were eventually rounded up and murdered. Edelweiss pirates were a youth group who danced and listened to swing music which the Nazis had opposed to due to it originating from black people music.


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