Did all Germans benefit under Nazi rule?

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Some historians believe that all Germans benefited under the Nazi rule as they received multiple leisure activities, funded by the Nazi state. The Nazis did this though the Strength through Joy organisation. The Strength through Joy (KdF) was a leisure organisation which gave workers cheap theatre tickets, cut-price cruises on the latest luxury liners and many other cheap activities, once available to the higher classes, now available to the working class. This was done to relieve the anger mounted from the abolishment of the trade union. Run by Dr Robert Ley, the Strength through Joy removed many social barriers from the wealthy and the impoverished as before the rich could afford the high prices of holidays which the poor could not. The Strength through Joy resulted in many to benefit from the Nazi’s as it removed many social barriers between the high and low classes and also meant the working class could afford high priced expenses which they could not afford before.

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Some historians also believe that all Germans benefited under the Nazi rule as Hitler increased employment. One way he increased employment is through the construction of the 70000 km autobahn, hospitals and many more buildings which created work for 80,000 men.  Between 1933 and 1939, unemployment plummeted from 6 million in 1993 to 100,000 in 1939. This significant drop in unemployment leads many historians to believe that all Germans benefited under the Nazi rule. This also meant that more Germans were receiving pay and able to use the money to buy essential necessities.

However other historians believe that all ...

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