Dunkirk was a Great Deliverance and a Great Disaster

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Dunkirk was a Great Deliverance and a Great Disaster

Is there sufficient evidence in sources D-I to support this?

A.J.P Taylor is a very respected British historian and for him to come up with such a contradictory quote there must have been some sort of evidence and a meaning to it, so to determine whether it was a deliverance or disaster we need to assess the positives and negatives of the evacuation, then decide on the sources reliability and utility to conclude if there is sufficient evidence.

Source D was painted by Charles Cundall and he was given an artistic license, which means he didn't have to produce an accurate painting. The fact that he is British means he would have probably produced a painting the aim of which would have been to keep the morale of the British population high and contributed to the Dunkirk myth. This source agrees with the quote "Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster" as it shows men being rescued, the Blitzkrieg attack and boats that have capsized. It also shows Dunkirk as being in tatters with fire and smoke, choppy water and darkness on the left to sun and calm sea on the right, symbolising a deliverance from disaster to salvation.

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Source E shows the beach with columns of soldiers lining up smartly but it is a photo and although is unbiased due to it not being an opinion and there was no technology at that point to digitally edit, it still only shows the still image of that second in time and so could point to attempted organisation and been scattered by bombers as I know from my own knowledge that there was bombing in some areas of the beach. Also ‘Dunkirk(1958)’ has been used for many photos of the evacuation and could indicate it being staged. It is ...

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