Factors which helped Hitler to become a dictator.

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Nazi Germany Coursework (3)

     There were many factors which helped Hitler to become a dictator, one of which was the Treaty of Versailles. This removed power, wealth, and military force from Germany, and maybe more importantly it humiliated Germnay and it’s people. The citizens of Germany started to resent their government for signing the treaty. However the treaty of versailles was not the most important reason for Hitler’s coming to power. There are other equally, and maybe more, important factors that helped him, such as the great depression, the Reichstag fire, and other events like the Beerhall Putsch.

     The great depression aided Hitler and the Nazis greatly. People in Germany lost their money, their homes, and their possessions. People were also forced to queue in the streets for their food, as they could not afford to buy their own. Another ‘benefit’ was that over 6,000,000 people became unemployed. They mostly blamed the government for what was happening, so they started to listen to extremist parties (like the Nazis) in the hope that their problems could be solved. The votes from the unemployed people took Hitler’s number of seats in the Reichstag from the twenties, into over 200. This was how Hitler was elected chancellor.

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     On the 27th of February 1933, the Reichstag (German houses of parliament) was burned down. The only suspect found for the disaster, was a Dutch communist named Marianus van der Lubbe. Hitler used this to persuade the government, that Germany was under the threat of a communist attack. So a new law was passed, called the Law for the Protection of People and State. The law banned the Communist and Socialist parties from the Reichstag. This meant that their votes would have to be placed onto other parties, and as there were now less parties to vote for, a ...

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