"The impression that the British faced the Blitz with courage and unity is a myth"

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Hodman Khalif.

“The impression that the British faced the Blitz with courage and unity is a myth”

Q5) Use the Sources, and your own knowledge, to explain whether you agree with this statement.

I agree that the statement "British faced the blitz with courage and unity" is a myth.

          The British Heritage industry has encouraged a 'Myth of the Blitz', that disagrees from the reality of wartime experience. The myth is that the British people all pulled together, that their spirits were up as young and old, upper and lower classes muddled through together with high morale under the attack of the Germans.
         During the period September 1940 and March 1941 Britain experienced a major bombardment by Nazi Germany this was called the blitz. In that month alone, the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) dropped 5,300 tons of high explosives on London in just 24 nights. In their efforts to break the British population and to destroy their moral.

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           Since the Allies won the war in 1945 and 60 years since the Blitz, the British people have honoured their war dead and treasured the memories that sustained them during what was a time of fear, despair and loss. There are many theories about how we remember and about why we remember things in the way that we do. This includes being selective in our recall. Much of our understanding of the manner in which the British faced the Blitz is coloured by both the positive outcome of the war, and by the way people ...

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