The Vietnam War - causes and effects.

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The history behind the Vietnam War started back when France governed this small country, during the 1890s Vietnam became a colony of France. The French hung onto Vietnam until World War II. At this time World War II occupied much of the forces for the French. The French basically deserted the Vietnamese people leaving them to govern on their own. When the war ended with the Japanese, being defeated in 1945. The French returned to Vietnam ready to control them again but, to their surprise the Vietnamese people refused to let them. As a result of this, tension grew and the Indochina War began in 1946. The French wasted no time in bombing cities. The city hit hardest was Haiphong, killing around six thousand Vietnamese people and civilians. Unprepared for this type of war the Vietnamese soldiers scattered into the jungle becoming guerrilla fighters. Waging guerrilla warfare, small, secret military bands lived and worked in the countryside.

The Effect of the Vietnam War on Movies What has been the outcome of movies from the war in Vietnam? The Vietnam War has effected movies for years. How much did this war effect the people’s point of view on movies? The Vietnam War has also been called the Indochina War. The war started in 1957, when communist rebels started terrorist attacks. The president of the United States at the time pledged to support the Diem government. By 1963, President Kennedy increased troops to about 16,000. By 1965 the United States of America started to become more involved in the war. The United States did this because they wanted "…To reinforce the credibility of the United States as an ally…" By 1964, the number of American troops went up from 16,000 to about 500,000 . By the end of the war the number of American troops went down to about 23,000 . During, the war in Vietnam the United States bombed constantly. The United States ran up a bill of about five and a half billion dollars just from bombing . The United States tab was up to about twenty-nine billion dollars, between 1966-1969 . Many people started to get upset because of the cost of the war

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The Vietnam War A quarter of a century after the Fall of Saigon, Vietnam continues to exercise a powerful hold of the American psyche. No deployment of American troops abroad is considered without the infusion of the Vietnam question. No formulation of strategic policy can be completed without weighing the possibility of Vietnamization. Even the politics of a person cannot be discussed without taking into account his/her opinion on the Vietnam War. This obsession with Vietnam is perfectly national when viewed from a far. It is the only war that the United States has ever lost. It defined an era ...

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