What part did Hitler play in the Nazi parties rise to power?

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What part did Hitler play in the Nazi parties rise to power?

In this essay, examples will be given when Hitler played a key role in the Nazi parties rise to power, this will also be done for parts in which Hitler didn’t. I will then conclude with my opinion on Hitler’s role in the Nazi parties rise to power.

        Hitler was a powerful and passionate speaker and nobody underestimated his authority. He was described as very patriotic and Kaiser like. Hitler wanted Germany ‘to rise from the ashes’ this itself is a very powerful line, which would persuade the Germany public to vote for them. But it did not matter what he said, people would still agree with him and without him, the Nazi parties could have had beliefs that all of the public wanted, but it may have not been enough to persuade the public to vote for them.

        Members of the Brown Shirts believed Hitler was the solution to their problems, therefore supporting the Nazi parties. There uniform made them look smart, intimidating and disciplined and this gave the impression that this is what the Nazi parties were all about. Members of the Brown Shirts supported and acted in favor of Hitler and without Hitler they wouldn’t have done so.

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        Many members of the German public were frightened of communism and Hitler saw this as an opportunity to get votes so he made his party firmly against communism and even said he was frightened of it himself. The public saw Hitler as their Christian salvation. Without Hitler, another party could have thought of this idea and thought of another person as their salvation. Therefore, losing votes. In addition to this, it was Hitler’s idea to put the ‘Red Scare’ in motion. This was when someone who was never identified set the Reichstag building on fire. However, Hitler put a spin ...

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