Why Did Roosevelt win The 1932 Presidential Election?

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Why Did Roosevelt win The 1932 Presidential Election?

With American being under Hoovers Government, everything had begun to go downhill for him. The depression had hit the people socially and economically, and didn't seem to improve under Hoover's control, and ideas that things would gradually get better.

Stock market shares plumited resulting in banks going bankrupt due to buying shares and not being able to pay out the money they owed.

In 1929, 659 banks failed, which had great effect upon the people's opinion of Hoover. Many stopped trusting them and withdrew their savings.

Many problems escalated in European banks, having a knock on effect on U.S banking.

One billion dollars was withdraw and put into deposit boxes, Roosevelt was offering the Americans new jobs and work, one of his aims was to work towards protecting their savings and property. Providing relief for the sick, old and unemployed.

Farming was badly hit, and prices had fallen so the cost of animal transportation was costing a lot more than buying the animals themselves.

Farming production fell by a massive 40%.

The people wanted jobs, security and a better living, under Hoovers government they were not getting this.

When the depression began, President Hoover took the impression that it would not last long and that the country would soon return to prosperity, the country soon found that he was wrong.

He had already been acused of doing nothing about the depression, whereas Roosevelt was prepared. He wanted to use full resources of the Federal Government to end the depression as soon as possible.

Hoover seemed handicapped by his own views about individual freedom and failed to inspire the people with his confidence.

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People felt let down by Hoover, he had no answers and democracy began to pull through.

Roosevelt was on the democratic side of the election, and was a good strong public speaker. He was a firm believer and thought that anyone who worked hard enough could become rich.

He had been elected president four times and was determined to beat facism; an extremely popular man.

There was a huge amount of unemployment, by 1933, 14 million were jobless, workers were being laid off, and wages were decreasing rapidly.

The people were desperate for new help; Roosevelt would be the ...

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