Why was prohibition introduced?

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Why was prohibition introduced?

Eugenics is the study of races.  It developed in the USA in the 1900’s.  Eugenicists believed that if the American people stopped drinking then they would become better (healthier) people.  This led to Prohibition and in this essay I will explain the events that led to Prohibition.

Eugenicists believed that alcoholism was a major problem in America.  People would take days off wok due to illnesses caused by drinking too much.  It was also a cause of domestic violence as fathers would come back from the saloons drunk and so arguments would brake out in the household.  It also led people to poverty which led people to theft but the biggest problem of all was probably a new trend of loose sexual morals.  Many people believed that if alcoholism was banned, then all these problems would stop, in the end they were proved to be wrong.

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Women believed that a lot of the political discussions were taking place in the saloons and they were not allowed to have a say in them.  Women believed that if the saloons were shut down then political discussions would come out into the mainstream and they would then have a say in political discussions.  The movement to ban the sale of alcohol began in the American mid-west and was taken up by Protestant churches (Anti-Saloon League) and women’s groups (Women’s Temperance Movement).

The leading prohibition campaigner was Wayne Wheeler who later came to be known as ‘The Dry Boss.’  He ...

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