World War 1 - the main cause

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Why did WWI start and what was the main cause?


There were about 5 main powers at the time all with their own ambitions and empires these were Germany, France, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Italy and Britain. So the whole of Europe was set to a Great War for many reasons, nationalism in the Balkans, imperialism from Germany who wanted to rival Britain in her empire and navy, also militarism and the system of alliances (the triple entente and the triple alliance).I think the most important cause was the system of alliances because when something triggered one country brought another one in, so instead of 2 countries fighting you have all 6 having a great war. However the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in June 1914 was the main trigger of WWI. This links on to nationalism because that assassination was because of friction between different groups in the Balkans.


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Nationalism in the Balkans was a problem for the Austro-Hungarian Empire who wanted to colonize the area along with Russia and Germany. The evidence of problem was that there were 17 nationalities in the Austro-Hungarian empire who all wanted independence which caused the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand to free Serbia and that led to the outbreak of world war one due to the system of alliances. But what caused nationalism was the imperialism from other countries and that leads on to the next reason, imperialism.


Imperialism is an important factor because countries wanted to have a bigger empire so ...

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